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DBO Participates in DShield - August 20th, 2003

DBO has recently joined a global effort to help target and pinpoint hacking attack trends. All DBO firewalls now report all unauthorized access to a central server at DBO and from there a comprehensive report is filed to, this group collects and analyzes attack trends and reports them back to site administrators so that appropriate and preventative action can take place. 

From DShield website is an attempt to collect data about cracker activity from all over the internet. This data will be cataloged and summarized. It can be used to discover trends in activity and prepare better firewall rules.

Right now, the system is tailored to simple packet filters. As firewall systems that produce easy to parse packet filter logs are now available for most operating systems, this data can be submitted and used without much effort.

More complex patterns, such as are used by application level firewalls may be handled in the future. was officially launched end of November 2000. Since then, it has grown to be a dominating attack correlation engine with worldwide coverage. While initially run as a volunteer effort, has recently received support from the SANS Institute.

If you are interested in collaboration or supporting DShield, please write to or contact DBO.

DShield is regularly used by the media to cover current events (Press clippings). Analysis provided by DShield has been used in the early detection of several worms, like "Ramen", "Code Red", "Leaves", "SQL Snake" and more.

It is the goal of DShield to allow access to its correlated information to the public at no charge to raise awareness and provide accurate and current snapshots of internet attacks. 

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