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Introducing the Canadian Bookkeeper's Toolbox

A Library of Practice Management Forms, Templates, Guides and Articles


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This Toolbox contains customizable documents, templates, forms, government guides, and articles for

the Canadian freelance bookkeeping, accounting and payroll professional.

From collecting information from new clients, to managing your time, client documents and communications,

completing government returns, and even to how to let a client go kindly, this collection of documents is an

invaluable tool for any accounting practice which includes bookkeeping or payroll services.


Some of the documents you will find in this resource:


New Clients:    Client Information form (2 formats)                                                                            

                       Data Analysis Checklist

                       Independent Contractor Agreement (single page) & Services Checklist                                              


Government Forms:    GST 62 - Non-personalized GST/HST return

                                RC 59 - Business Consent form

                                WSIB 1797A - WSIB Ontario Authorizing a Representative form

                                T5018 and T5018 Summary

                                    - Statement of Contract Payments and Summary - FILLABLE PDF


Government Guides:    IT-291R3 - Transfer of Property - "Section 85 Rollover"

                                  Guide for GST/HST Registrants

                                  Employee or Self Employed?


Practice Mangement Forms/Templates:     Subcontractor Agreement       

                                                             Time Sheet - FILLABLE Excel file

                                                             Client Communication Log

                                                             Termination Release and Waiver


Practice Management Articles:     Why Outsource Your Bookkeeping

                                                 How to Be a Good Client for Your Bookkeeper

                                                 When Your Client Flatly Refuses to Use Payroll In QuickBooks

Your initial purchase of the Canadian Bookkeepers' Toolbox comes in a 3 ring binder with 8 tabbed sections: Introduction, New Client, Government Guides, Government Forms including provincial, Practice Management Forms & Templates, Practice Management Articles, Notes and your CD ROM of all documents including customizable Word and Excel files and fillable PDF forms. Shipping and handling to anywhere in Canada (Parcel Post or Expedited Parcel) and your first year of updates and additions to the Toolbox are included in the purchase price of $109.95 (plus GST/HST).


Annual updates and additions after the first year are available on subscription for $24.95 and include an emailed digital format and hard copies are mailed along with an updated Table of Contents, ready to be added to your binder.


Updates can be mailed on CD ROM for an additional $20.00 to cover the costs of media and additional packaging required.











Read what Canadian accounting professionals are saying about the Canadian Bookkeeper's Toolbox!


"I am thoroughly impressed, thank you.  I have gone through ... the material ... and it really is everything in one place." "Thank you for putting this together, it was well worth the money. I spent hours looking up different things and would get off on tangents ... This keeps it concise for me and has allowed my mind to be put at ease to know that I am really more organized then I think and have everything easily accessible and at my fingertips."


        Christine Scales

        Middleton Towers Bookkeeping

        Kelowna, BC


"Well, received your toolbox today. It is great and very useful. Thanks very much for creating such a useful tool."


    Jie Chen, CPB

    Triple J Canada Consulting Inc.

    Mississauga, Ontario



"This is a great resource and will save the average bookkeeper a lot of time - definitely for those new to business and quite frankly, for many in business for a while as well - it will help many organize stuff they haven't taken the time to think about and SHOULD! A very handy tool and well worth every penny."


    Ross Libbey, CA

    Your Bottom Line

    Courtice, Ontario


"I am so delighted to receive such a wonderful and useful resource in both hard and soft copy. I find that I am so busy organizing my clients’ files and tools that I don’t take the time to do this for myself.  You have included such great links and resources on top of the regular tools.  Well worth the price in time savings and in process quality, documentation and improvement.  Thank you." 


    Dominique Dabolczi-Fekete


    Calgary, Alberta



"This toolbox (binder and cd) is filled with all the necessary forms needed to run a bookkeeping business.


Being a small business owner, I am responsible for all aspects of the business, and all the little things can be incredibly time-consuming. Having immediate access to the Bookkeeper’s Toolbox has saved me time and a lot of aggravation. Rather than going to the CRA website and trying to find the necessary forms (which are often not available!), all I have to do is open the toolbox and everything I need is right there at my fingertips. My only regret is not having access to this wonderful resource five years ago!"


    Shaelene McInnis

    Books In Line Bookkeeping

    Oshawa, Ontario


"As a small bookkeeping practice I find the Bookkeeper's Toolbox a valuable tool in saving me time from scouring the CRA website for the forms I need. I only wish I had met Stephanie when I started my practice to have had this resource sooner. The Canadian Bookkeeper's Toolbox is great value for the money."


    Jeanie Villeneuve

    All Things Equal Bookkeeping & Tax Services

    Oshawa, ON



Download one of these sample documents, FREE!

Firefox users can click on the link to open. IE 8 and above users, right click on the link and save.


New Client Information form - Word DOC - click here

RC 59 - Business Consent Form - FILLABLE PDF format - click here

RC4022 - GST/HST General Information for Registrants - click here

Month End Checklist - Word DOC - click here

QuickBooks Laser Deposit Slip - MS Excel format - click here (requires the installation of a MICR font)

Why Does Your Business Need a Dedicated Bookkeeper - Word DOC article - click here

How to Create Clear Client Boundaries for Better Results - Word DOC article - click here


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