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Information Technology

"Outsourcing suppliers are better prepared to solve problems because they have a broader pool of resources in their specialized field, outsourcing frees up a company's overstretched resources in a crisis. They have the time and energy to focus on their businesses' most pressing issues,"
Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO of the Everest Group

Technology should be saving you time, money and effort. In so many cases systems are set up so that they require more effort  to utilize than pen and paper. They do not offer the user the tools to make the job easier and more efficient.  We can review your applications and systems and help design better processes for your organization...ask us how.

Consultant Profile
Andrew C. Wells
IT/Telecom Partner
Service, Planning and Deployment

Service Considerations

Environment cleanup/virus recovery:

PC's are checked for Spyware, Adware, Foistware and Viruses which are then removed. Recommendations are made in regards to unnecessary program components. Program caches and temp directories are cleaned out including one 'missed' by the built in utilities. We can also recommend utilities to keep these components from infiltrating the system again. A performance increase is a 99% certainty for any system that is used on the internet without protection.

PC Repairs/Upgrades:

Repairs and upgrades to all PC's regardless of application (clerical, industrial, POS, etc...). Consider expansion options prior to replacement. Most performance issues can be solved by simple upgrades to the PC's resources (disk and RAM).

Printer Repairs:

With over 18 years experience dating to when the first desktop laser printers where introduced we can help protect your equipment investment by recommending maintenance programs to extend the life of your equipment and reduce repair and operating costs. We can even help you by repairing older legacy equipment such as line printers, bar code and dot matrix printers.

Disaster Recovery:

Disaster Recovery is the ability to recover from serious failures in equipment or media. A Disaster Recovery Plan can remove the guesswork of what to do when a drive crashes on a critical PC or server, cables severed by renovation crews, fire, or theft of equipment. We can help identify all possible exposures and implement measures that can protect your ability to stay in business incase of such an event. In some cases a Disaster Recovery Plan is a minimum level of protection required by ISO certification.

Business Continuance:

Business Continuance is much like a Disaster Recovery Plan. Weaknesses and vulnerabilities are identified and instead of facilitating replacement and recovery it involves putting measures in place to ensure that services are not interrupted. This is accomplished using many methods including redundant systems, hot sites and multi-path communications. We can also assist you in preparation of a cost benefit analysis to see whether a business continuance plan is necessary for your organization.

Resource Diagrams:

Resource Maps serve a number of purposes. We can create diagrams that represent physical resources like networks, cabling, office layouts or virtual resources like networking, routing environments and process flowcharting. In the majority of cases, structured cabling (phone, data, security) is rarely documented in relation to the office layout. This makes problem solving, moves, adds and changes, budgeting and planning troublesome.

IT Resource Planning/Budgeting:

Many organizations are unaware that an IT budget can be as much as 5% of a company's gross income. Recognizing, accommodating and balancing new technology against extending the life of your existing investments is key to getting the most out of your IT budget.


For many businesses the telephone system is the primary access to the outside world. Reliability is a key factor for business communications. Service is available for a variety of systems including all Nortel ICS systems. Installation, relocation and expansion (within system limits) can also be provided.

Technology Moves

Breakdown and documentation of your existing infrastructure. transport and delivery of your equipment. Reinstallation and testing.

Manufacturing Systems

Manufacturing processes can be optimized extensively with the correct utilization of IT. Whether it be tracking of work-in-progress station reports, tracking production trends or operator efficiency, we can help you through the implementation of data collection, MRP and JIT warehousing. With ever shrinking production margins you need your systems to be part of the profit center of your business.  

Data Centre Planning & Design

Whether you are building a new facility or renovating an old one, we can help you design, organize and build your new data center or server room. We have extensive experience in all aspects (cooling, electrical, structured cabling, raised floors, cable tracks, redundant power, security) with builds ranging from 100 square feet to 10,000 square. No job is too small to be done right.

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